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All photographs © Mike Kilyon www.mikekilyon.co.uk
Contact: mike@mikekilyon.co.uk
mike kilyon

recent exhibitions . . .

September – November 2016
“Who Will Survive This?”
Gallery on The Green, Settle
An installation by myself and Sue Vickerman in a telephone box. More information here.
GALLERY :: here ::

September 2016
“Shanghai Odyssey”
Saltaire Festival Paintings by Jane Fielder, Photographs by Mike Kilyon. More information here.
GALLERY :: here ::

June – July 2016
“An Array of Aprons” Grassington Festival
Group exhibition. More information here (page 17). 
GALLERY :: here ::

March – April 2016
“Shanghai Odyssey”
Bingley Gallery, Bingley
Paintings by Jane Fielder, Photographs by Mike Kilyon.
More information here.
GALLERY :: here ::

A discussion/poetry/video event was held at both of the Shanghai Odyssey exhibitions, once in Bingley and twice in Saltaire. Mike's video short of Jane in Shanghai was shown at the events and can be seen  :: here ::

earlier exhibitions . . .

Full details of earlier exhibitions can be found :: here ::


recent projects . . .

:: naked eye :: artMart :: bel the photographer :: the life room :: bel in shanghai :: mike in shanghai ::

Some recent work is related to a created persona, Bel the photographer. This has originated from work with Sue Vickerman. Bel is a colleague of Suki the life model. Together Suki and Bel have developed a project, The Life Room. You can see the results here. More of my recent work has been influenced by a year in Shanghai which led to the work displayed in the exhibitions in 2016. You can see a little more of what I got up to in China on Bel's blog here and my blog here; also on the artMart site.

Since my return from China I have been setting up a publishing house, Naked Eye publishing. More information on the website here.


other projects . . .

:: cabaret :: fat brenda ::

cabaret is a selection of photographs from Saltaire Cabaret evenings.

fat brenda is photographs of rehearsals for the one man show "Fat Brenda" by Steve Huison at Harrogate Theatre.