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I worked internationally in photo-journalism for many years. A life-changing incident has resulted in focusing, instead, on more familiar things.

You will find no images from my previous professional life on this site.

A significant project as of this year is my collaboration with poet and life model Suki on THE LIFE ROOM. As it develops, you will be able to see some of the outcomes here.

You will gain further insight into this project and by exploring the multi-dimensional website of

Here’s the techie stuff, for those of you who are interested. I started out in photography using a Minolta SLR. When I took the plunge into digital I converted to Canon. I'm currently using a 50D with a variety of Canon lenses. It is not too heavy and the controls seem to fall under my fingers without much thought.

In my new existence I often also use a small, compact camera - currently a Cannon IXUS. It is as small as my mobile phone and fits easily into my pocket or handbag. The quality of the photos is surprising. I even delight, sometimes, in taking snaps with my Blackberry.

I am learning. Probably re-learning. I use Photoshop occasionally, but in my new life I prefer to celebrate the result achieved at the instant of the camera’s click. The record is of the moment.

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